Monday, February 1, 2016

Mary Lou or Janice?

After a full exhausting month of pruning my client's rose bushes I had a little bit of time today to start my own. I did 5! Who-hoo! But I have begun! My garden is so full of weeds, ready to be cleaned and the roses pruned. If only I had time. I'm tired and sore when I get home. Maybe I'll have an hour here and there. I still have a full February of pruning and regular garden jobs ahead.

I did cut this beautiful Red rose today. When I got it the rose was called Mary Lou Heard. Named after the nursery owner of Heard's Country Garden in Westminster, CA who died in 2002. It was a lovely garden center and I would make the 45 minute drive to Orange County once a year or so to visit it. About 7 years ago the rose was renamed Janice Kellogg for the proprietor of Kellogg Garden Products who died just last year 2015. When it was MLH the rose was classified as a Hybrid Tea. Now that it's JK it's a Floribunda. It IS a shorter growing bush with short stems. But the flowers are BIG, about 5". Makes it hard to classify.   I was kinda bummed at the name change. But rose companies need to sell plants. And I guess a name that's more known nationally might sell better. Whatever! I'll still remember this rose as Mary Lou Heard.

Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Roses

Happy New Year!

I've been busy doing rose pruning jobs since Dec. 29th. In previous years I've kept track of how many bushes I prune and posted it here. I'm not keeping track this year. I hope you're not disappointed.

I'm so busy in Jan that I don't get to my own roses until Feb.  That's fine with me because I might get to see a little gem like this Rosenprinzessin in Jan. It's an adorable magenta pink polyantha rose I got from Cliff Orent about 8 years ago. He has since closed his business and on it says this plant is not available from any nursery! Shown are 4 little 8" long sprays. Oh I wish it would bloom at show time! Maybe this year. I always have great roses in an El Niño year!

 Happy gardening!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ready For Rose Pruning

Tomorrow I start with my rose pruning jobs. So tonight I changed out my old Felco #2 pruner blade for a new one. I still have a stash of a few blades. That's what great about Felcos, that you can change blades. Since I'm a professional, I use my pruners every day. So I need them to be awesome!

Happy pruning!

Friday, December 25, 2015

ⓜⓔⓡⓡⓨ ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢⓣⓜⓐⓢ

Merry Christmas to all my garden friends! Shown in the bouquet from my garden: new rose Smokin Hot, rose Marilyn Monroe, Chrysanthemum Lily Gallon, Justicea betonica and Melaleuca nesophila. Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


I have a few plants that have reseeded themselves which seems kind of odd considering it's December. But we did have a warm year. Usually things come up the following year when they're supposed to, not in the same season as the original plant!

I've got one Tithonia that has grown to its full 3 feet in just a month! 

Profusion Zinnias 
And there's one Cosmos blooming now too.

Not sure how long they'll last. Often they come up in a bad place(too close to another plant). Do you have things reseed too?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Chrysanthemums

Happy Thanksgiving!  
Here are my Chrysanthemums blooming this month.  Most of these are available from King's Mums. Since I pinch for many blooms for the garden, I don't get the huge blooms that are in the catalog. 
Saga No Yuki is a Brush type

2 bouquets I'm taking to 2 houses today

Yellow Vesuvio was the first to bloom for me. 
My Favorite Mum is spider variety Fleur de Lis

Evening Glow

A Spider that I got from a client along time ago. 
Wisp Of Pink is a Brush & Thistle type

Kotoi No Kaori, an adorable Gnome variety
This might be Nijin Bigo

Yoko Ono

Ali is a Brush & Thistle type

Tag missing

Lily Gallon

Woolman's Century
Seeing them altogether, I see what colors I'm missing.  I need red and purple and of course more orange.  I like the big unusual flowers.   I've found that you can't fund these in local nurseries.  I will be ordering more Mums next Spring.  

Mums very easy to grow in my garden despite my super sandy soil. In SoCal, cut them back to almost the ground after blooming(you'll see new growth popping out of the ground) and pinch through the summer and stake them.  I usually put three stakes around them and bundle with tie tape.  They make great cut flowers.  I learned at the Mum show this year that if you pinch to make just one big bloom, the flowers will come earlier(early Nov). If you pinch for many blooms they'll come later(middle or end of Nov).  

Happy Gardening!   

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Autumn �� Purple

I've probably posted about this plant before. But it's blooming so beautifully now I must again! This is Hypoestes aristata. I think it's looking so good this year is because I cut it three times; a big whack after blooming, another trim in spring and another in summer. That's why it has such a nice shape. If I didn't do those prunings it would be super rangy leaning all over.  I do have two of these plants.  The other is to the left.  But I couldn't get both in the pic. 

This is a plant like Chrysanthemums and some Salvias where you cut them down almost to the ground after blooming. When you do that can see new growth coming out from the ground. That tells you that it's ok to whack it.

How is your autumn garden?