Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pelargonium Pink Spice

This is a wonderful plant. It's a Pelargonium that's sometimes called a Geranium "Pink Spice". It's a ground over that only grows about 6-8" tall by about 3' wide. It blooms most of the year. This one I planted for a client because they bloom so well for me. Cute, right? You can get them from Greenwood Daylily Gardens http://www.greenwoodgarden.com. John Schoustra, the owner grows Pelargoniums, Bearded Iris, Daylilies and more.


Happy Gardening! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cute Pink Daisy

I am in LOVE with this new plant!  

 Two weeks ago I was at my amazing rose job in Pasadena(she has 300 or so roses and the garden is beautiful and park like) and I saw this plant!   Her other gardener had planted it in a big pot with a Citrus. It had no tag and I couldn't find him to ask.  So I took a pic and tried to figure it out.  I Googled what I thought it might be with no luck. I posted the pic on Instagram asking for an ID. No help.  I posted the pic on Annie's Annuals Facebook page with no answer!   I was at Green Thumb Nursery in Canoga Park last Saturday for our San Fernando Valley Iris Society Iris show for most of the day.  I showed the nursery people there the pic and got an answer. It's a Brachyscomb but they didn't have it!  Say Brak-EE-Comb.  It has quite different leaves and colored flowers from the common Brachyscomb I've seen.  Now I knew what to Google! A little search came up with Brachyscomb "Radient Magenta".  I asked for it at Lincoln Ave. Nursery in Pasadena and Armstrong in Glendale with no luck.   Struck out at 3 nurseries.  But I was on a mission!

So today was the members day of the annual Huntington Library & Botanic Gardens PLANT SALE!  It's a big deal and everyone goes!  I got there and looked around and picked up a blooming bulb. Then I found my friend Mitzi who was volunteering near the perennials. I showed her the pic. She said she would look for it. A minute later I spied some bright magenta on a table.  And THEY HAD IT!!  I was so happy that I bought 3 of them!   Yay for new plants!  

Happy Gardening!  

Friday, April 3, 2015

Miniature & Fairy Gardens

This post is for my friend Sarah who asked for photos about 2 weeks ago of some of my mini gardens. Well, they had to be trimmed and spruced up before I could share photos. Even mini gardens get overgrown if you don't watch them all the time!

This is the first one I made because I bought that tiny picket fence.  The large plants are Coprosma and Serissa.  There is a mini variegated Jade plant and some Dymondia groundcover in the back. On the left is some Muehlenbeckia axilaris nana.  When I bought the little table and chairs Kailay Yu from smallweeds.com(looks like her website just has links now).   added 2 little teacups stuck to it. SO CUTE!  There is also a mini birdbath.  I try to put water in but it evaporates from it so quickly!

This is my second mini garden. It has a different Coprosma, a mini variegated Gardenia, a mini Cuphea on the left and a dwarf variegated Liriope. Today I added the little Ajuga called Chocolate Chip.  There is a little bench and a bridge.   These 2 pots are on the north side and get part shade. 

 Last year I got this 20 year old(or longer) Boxwood plant from a friend of a friend.  I pruned it up to look like an old tree. There I also planted Hen & Chicks, Thyme, a variegated Armeria on the left and an Artemesia on the right.  This pot stays mostly well-behaved. I got that little umbrella table at Michaels!  They sometimes have mini garden accessories!  This post is so full with plants that there isn't a lot of space for accessories.  

I adore Ginko trees and was able to mail order about 8 years ago several dwarf varieties.  The leaves might be too big for a mini garden. But I don't care. That is one problem with mini gardens; scale. Sometimes the accessories aren't with the scale of the others. In this case it's the leaves that aren't in scale. Whatever!   I still like it. Planted with the Gingko is more Hen & Chicks, Thyme and 2 new gray plants I got today: Antennaria "McCintock's Variety" on the right and Raoulia australis with the tiniest almost succulent gray leaves in the front.  My Rick helped me make a little rope swing. But it needs to be replaced(wood falls apart).    

Here is a miniature Gingko tree that HAS mini leaves.   I finally got a mini house. It took me forever because I didn't want to pay $30, $40 or more for one!  I think I paid $16(on eBay) for this one. It is resin, hollow and can take weather! And the door opens!  The plant on the right is Parahebe linifilia.  It gets little white flowers.  Today I planted a tiny Erodium on the left and some more of that gray Raoulis in front and I stuff a tiny but into that little pot. It is difficult to keep watered.  But I try :-)   Rock, small pieces of flagstone or slate or brick make good additions.   

 This is another mini Gingko tree.  I am still working on it.  But I've got a little pagoda, some metal Chinese lanterns and a tiki(from a fish store).  I planted the other half of the Antennaria with them.
Arlena Scott from gardenwiseliving.com is big into fairy gardens and just created some impressive gardens at the Chicago Garden show.     

Here is a place to get miniature garden plants and the most adorable tiny furniture and accessories you could imagine!  twogreenthumbs.com  And Janit Calvo wrote a fab book on Mini gardening which you can get at amazon.

Happy Gardening!    


Monday, March 30, 2015

Pelargoniums & Rose Pruning Final!

My Martha Washington Geraniums(or Regal Pelargoniums) are beginning to bloom. This is Aztec and it does really well for me in the ground. It stays nice and bushy, blooms its head off and isn't fussy. I have some others that are really leggy and leafless at their bottoms and some that just up and die.    I love this variety.  We're planning our Los Angeles Geranium Society show & sale for this coming Mother's Day weekend, May 9 & 10, 2015 at The LA Co Arboretum in Arcadia.  Find that info at geraniumsociety.org or at our Facebook page facebook.com/LosAngelesGeraniumSociety Please come see many Pelargoniums/Geraniums in the show and many for sale!  

I FINALLY finished with my rose pruning jobs!  The very last was 7 climbers at a job in Pasadena. 
That makes my final total 2376 rose bushes pruned this 2015 season!  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring and I'm sure that gardeners acres the country, especially in cold climates are rejoicing! I had today off and spent 4 hours in my garden cutting back vines, planting new plants, fertilizing my Bearded Iris and Roses and watering. The first blooms of my roses are just trickling in because I pruned in Feb. but I should be right on schedule for this years Spring rose shows beginning next month.

Here is the classic reliable Victoria Falls Bearded Iris blooming today next to my Calendulas. What's blooming in your garden?


Friday, March 13, 2015

New Plants

It's not officially Spring here in SoCal but it seems like it. It actually FEELS like Summer because we're having a horrible heatwave, high 80s yesterday, 90s today and for 3 more days :-(. But plants are busting out all over and that means gardeners can't resist!

Yesterday at The Huntington I bought this pretty spring blooming Gladiolus Lemon Moon.

and a Tulbaghia that I'd never seen before called T. natalensis.

And last night at the SoCal Hort meeting my friend Nancy brought me an Oxypetalum caeruleum tweedii. It's so cute with those blue flowers.

So, I have all these plants "on deck" waiting to be planted. Maybe I can plant next week when it cools down.

I was supposed to finish rose pruning this week. But when I went to that job yesterday, they had tarps all over exactly where I was to work and were pruning the huge Eucalyptus trees. So, I hope to have final numbers in two weeks.

Happy gardening!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Butterfly Amaryllis

This week I didn't prune any roses. Yay!  I just have one more visit with some climbing roses to do next Thursday. Then I'll have my final total! 

So, what have I been doing?  The rain that we've been getting this year has brought up a TON of weeds!  So, after I work in other people's yards, I come home and weed for a bit in my yard.  It's slow going.  And today it was SO hot, 84º that it just gave me a headache!  I know it's still winter and severe in the east.  But here, it's practically Spring!  

Here is a wonderful Amaryllis called Butterfly that is blooming for me now.  I had wanted one of these for many(like 20) years.  They were always too expensive for me.  Last year my friend John Schoustra of Greenwood Garden sold me a crammed pot of bulbs. It was still a little spendy, but I was ready.  I split it into two different pots being a little afraid to set them out in my garden. Maybe I will plant one after it's done blooming.  

Happy gardening!