Monday, March 30, 2015

Pelargoniums & Rose Pruning Final!

My Martha Washington Geraniums(or Regal Pelargoniums) are beginning to bloom. This is Aztec and it does really well for me in the ground. It stays nice and bushy, blooms its head off and isn't fussy. I have some others that are really leggy and leafless at their bottoms and some that just up and die.    I love this variety.  We're planning our Los Angeles Geranium Society show & sale for this coming Mother's Day weekend, May 9 & 10, 2015 at The LA Co Arboretum in Arcadia.  Find that info at or at our Facebook page Please come see many Pelargoniums/Geraniums in the show and many for sale!  

I FINALLY finished with my rose pruning jobs!  The very last was 7 climbers at a job in Pasadena. 
That makes my final total 2376 rose bushes pruned this 2015 season!  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring and I'm sure that gardeners acres the country, especially in cold climates are rejoicing! I had today off and spent 4 hours in my garden cutting back vines, planting new plants, fertilizing my Bearded Iris and Roses and watering. The first blooms of my roses are just trickling in because I pruned in Feb. but I should be right on schedule for this years Spring rose shows beginning next month.

Here is the classic reliable Victoria Falls Bearded Iris blooming today next to my Calendulas. What's blooming in your garden?


Friday, March 13, 2015

New Plants

It's not officially Spring here in SoCal but it seems like it. It actually FEELS like Summer because we're having a horrible heatwave, high 80s yesterday, 90s today and for 3 more days :-(. But plants are busting out all over and that means gardeners can't resist!

Yesterday at The Huntington I bought this pretty spring blooming Gladiolus Lemon Moon.

and a Tulbaghia that I'd never seen before called T. natalensis.

And last night at the SoCal Hort meeting my friend Nancy brought me an Oxypetalum caeruleum tweedii. It's so cute with those blue flowers.

So, I have all these plants "on deck" waiting to be planted. Maybe I can plant next week when it cools down.

I was supposed to finish rose pruning this week. But when I went to that job yesterday, they had tarps all over exactly where I was to work and were pruning the huge Eucalyptus trees. So, I hope to have final numbers in two weeks.

Happy gardening!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Butterfly Amaryllis

This week I didn't prune any roses. Yay!  I just have one more visit with some climbing roses to do next Thursday. Then I'll have my final total! 

So, what have I been doing?  The rain that we've been getting this year has brought up a TON of weeds!  So, after I work in other people's yards, I come home and weed for a bit in my yard.  It's slow going.  And today it was SO hot, 84º that it just gave me a headache!  I know it's still winter and severe in the east.  But here, it's practically Spring!  

Here is a wonderful Amaryllis called Butterfly that is blooming for me now.  I had wanted one of these for many(like 20) years.  They were always too expensive for me.  Last year my friend John Schoustra of Greenwood Garden sold me a crammed pot of bulbs. It was still a little spendy, but I was ready.  I split it into two different pots being a little afraid to set them out in my garden. Maybe I will plant one after it's done blooming.  

Happy gardening!  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Yellow Clivia

My Yellow Clivias are blooming. I love them.

Rose pruning season is coming to a close. I'm basically finished. But I still need to prune the 8 or so climbers at one big job. And I won't get to that for 2 weeks. I'll have my final number then.

I pruned 86 bushes this week for 2369 for the season.

Happy gardening!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rebar Arches & Rose Pruning Update

Last weekend we made arches to cover our two walkways.  Our house is on a corner which means we have two walkways on either side to get from the streets to our house.   We have no sidewalks in our neighborhood.  Often cars park directly in front of the paths to our door which makes it difficult to figure out how to get to our door other than step all over my plants.  I thought maybe by making arches to delineate where our walkway entrances are, it might be easier. It would definitely be prettier and I'd have places for more climbing plants!   So I bought 4 pieces each of 20 foot long 1/2' rebar.  It wasn't easy strapping them to my truck and getting home from Home Depot.  We used 1/2 metal conduit cut into 2 foot long pieces and pounded them into the ground with a little sticking out.  The two of us bent the rebar around a tree trunk and together bent them more on the driveway to get just the right(or close to) arches.  They're actually fairly flexible! Then we set the rebar in an X into the 4 metal holes.  Then  the top of the X was wired together.

On this, the south side I transplanted my Coral Vine that was such a beautiful monster elsewhere too close to the house last year. You can catch up on it here. Coral Vine   I really want to plant an EDEN climbing rose on the other side of this arch but haven't been able to find one yet.  A trip to Otto & Sons Nursery is in order in a couple weeks.  In the meanwhile I'll work on the weeds.  

On this side I planted a Kennedia prostrata with pretty pea flowers that I bought at The Huntington Library & Gardens last week. It was so beautiful that my friend Mitzi and 2 other ladies each also bought one!  I've found that I have to buy the unusual thing or I'll pine for it and it'll be gone when I return!  I haven't yet decided what climbing rose to plant on the other side of this arch. 

So, I finally finished pruning MY OWN roses this week.  Yay!  Now there's so many weeds.  
My totals are: 133 roses pruned this week.
 2283 total bushes pruned so far. 
And I still have maybe one more week to go of pruning jobs.  Happy pruning!  

Friday, February 13, 2015

Orange & Pink

I've probably posted about this plant before. But it's blooming now and so beautiful! It's Chorizema cordatum. The common name is Bush Flame or Australian Flame Pea. It likes my sandy soil and I love that it blooms in winter! And of course it's from Australia, where all the cool plants are! 

Things have been a little lighter this week with my pruning jobs. I've made progress on my own roses. I think I'm 3/4 done in my yard. But OH, the WEEDS!!!

My rose pruning totals are: 
207 this week makes 2150 total rose bushes pruned this season.
 Happy pruning!