Friday, June 24, 2011

Awesome Eucalyptus Purchase

There are these 2 Eucalyptus macrocarpa that I visit at The Huntington Library that are amazing!  They are each about 6 feet wide but only about 4 feet tall because they are sprawling.  The leaves are HUGE, about 8 inches across and their impressive red flowers are about 3-5 inches in size.

But I really love the caps that fall off the buds before the flowers open. They look like elf hats, pointy and round, soft when fresh but harden later.   Don't tell anyone but I like to scoop them up when I'm there to take home. They are so cool!  I'm going to make something with them some day.  For now they are in a glass bowl.

I have never seen this plant for sale anywhere until yesterday. I was poking around La Crescenta Nursery(if you haven't been there- go, it's fabulous!) and they had one 5 gallon plant. I tried to talk myself out of it as it was $35.00.  But when you see something rare, you've got to buy it! So, I did!

I'm not sure where to plant it yet and my yard isn't quite ready.  But here's my newest addition to the Buntopia jungle!  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pink roots!

I planted a little job for a client today. One of the plants is Loropetalum. It has burgundy leaves. Anybody who knows me knows I love plants that are something other than green. When I lifted it out of the pot I saw that it has PINK ROOTS! How pretty! What a plant geek I am!