Saturday, September 22, 2018

Happy Autumn!

While you may be having nice Fall weather where you are, it's going to be 91* here in the Los Angeles area. I'm jealous of all those 60 degree cloudy days you're having. At least it's cooling off here to the 60s at night. So here's an indication that it is indeed Autumn here in SoCal, the Freesia bulbs have sprouted!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

More Than Two Is A Collection?

I started with this one, Gomphrena Fireworks.  It's a fabulous plant that does really well in my garden.  It is available through many local nurseries now and mail-order at Annie's Annuals  It is perennial and has grown for me for about 5 years.  Sometimes it seeds itself in other places in my garden. 

Then I found two others in orange and red.     They are annuals.  They grow through the spring, summer and fall.  Then they start to look crappy and appear to die.   Then they seedlings pop up in many of the worst places; right next to a rose bush, in my pathway or in a space all their own.  

Then I found Gomphrena decumbens through Annie's again.  I posted about it on my blog last November here  Gomphrena decumbens It is an adorable plant. 

I always knew about the common Gomphrena or Globe Amaranth that comes in purple.  It is an annual bedding plant.  I found some late Spring at Home Depot in several colors.  They only grow to about 6" tall and are great for border edging.  

In those several sixpacks I bought were mostly pale pink and white as well as a couple purple! I don't remember seeing those other two colors before.  But they are doing super in my garden.  Maybe they'll reseed too.  If not, I hope I can find them again next year.  Maybe I should save seed!!  

So, if you have more than one of something it becomes a collection, right? So, I collect gomphrena. Do you know of any others?  
Happy Gardening!