Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yeah, I should have posted this around Halloween. But it was still hot, I forgot, or maybe the plant didn't look this good then? We had it so hot for so long that most of my plants just shut down and sat there. Anyway in this awesome weather we're having finally, this wonderful Petunia called 'Phantom' is looking fabulous! You'd think a Petunia would look wonderful all summer. But here now(temps in the 70's) it's like a second Spring! My roses are blooming great! So, enjoy the weather and my Petunia pic because it might not make it through the winter(the plant not the pic). I hope it does because its awesome!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day

Just wanted to share my yellow/orange spidery Chrysanthemum. I pinched, staked and watered when it when wilted every other day all summer. I got it as a division from one of my clients about 8 yrs ago. Now that it's in the ground it's blooming like crazy! You just can't find the fancy Mums in the nurseries. Divide after Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I just wanted to post the first Praying Mantis egg sack of the season I've seen this year. She must've recently laid it and died. They do that around Nov here in SoCal. Watch for them and don't throw them away. They'll hatch with new baby Praying Mantis next Spring and will grow up to eat all the bad bugs.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Purple For November

I have loved this plant for many years but have never seen it in anyone's garden!   It is Hypoestes aristata.  I wrote a little bit about it last year when I cut it for a bouquet:  Nov 2011 post  It is native to South Africa(as so many good Mediterranean plants ARE), grows 3-4 feet and likes part shade/sun. I saw it in a very cool nursery called Desert To Jungle in Montebello about 15 years ago and bought one.  Since I was gardening exclusively in containers back then, I planted it in a whiskey barrel with some other plants.  It flowers every November and gets cut back almost to the ground after flowering. I had to leave mine at the old house because it was with a tree that was too big for our moving van :-(  But I was able to buy a couple more after our move.   I planted this one in early Spring in my own garden near our very tall Cedar tree on the east side of the house. It is blooming like crazy now!

All it took was a little pinching through the summer and some staking and water.   I had one more in the backyard on a north side that got bushy but didn't flower.  I planted it about 10 feet away from the other one in the front yard last week but it was kinda hot and I had to cut it back.  We've had a hot autumn this year in SoCal.  It was 90º today.  I am so looking forward to cooler weather.  

You may be able to find this plant in independent nurseries, you know the one you go to find something different.   I got one at The Huntington Library & Gardens: The Huntington        I love it and you might too :-)