Saturday, August 10, 2019

Sweet Groundcover

I've been in the Los Angeles Geranium Society for about 20 years so you know I love Geraniums and Pelargoniums. 

Here is a species Geranium unlike most of the fancy hybrids everybody grows. Pelargonium ionidiflorum is a ground cover that blooms most of the year. Say "EYE-oh-NID-i-flor-UM".  Latin is easy.  it grows about 3' wide and only about 3" tall. The magenta pink flowers bloom best in full sun. I have several plants in the ground on the south side of my house in blazing sun all day. Annie's Annuals talks about growing it in a hanging basket.  I think it does better in the ground.  In the spring of this year my plants were almost covered in flowers.   Still it blooms in August as well but maybe not as much.  

The species name ionidiflorum comes from the Greek word, ion, which means 'violet color', and the Latin word florum, meaning 'flower'. And of course it comes from South Africa, from where all the cool plants hail.

You can find this plant at many nurseries. Buy one, grow it for awhile and then divide it to spread it around your garden.

See how small the flowers are with my dirty fingers 

Happy Gardening!