Friday, April 24, 2015

Cute Pink Daisy

I am in LOVE with this new plant!  

 Two weeks ago I was at my amazing rose job in Pasadena(she has 300 or so roses and the garden is beautiful and park like) and I saw this plant!   Her other gardener had planted it in a big pot with a Citrus. It had no tag and I couldn't find him to ask.  So I took a pic and tried to figure it out.  I Googled what I thought it might be with no luck. I posted the pic on Instagram asking for an ID. No help.  I posted the pic on Annie's Annuals Facebook page with no answer!   I was at Green Thumb Nursery in Canoga Park last Saturday for our San Fernando Valley Iris Society Iris show for most of the day.  I showed the nursery people there the pic and got an answer. It's a Brachyscomb but they didn't have it!  Say Brak-EE-Comb.  It has quite different leaves and colored flowers from the common Brachyscomb I've seen.  Now I knew what to Google! A little search came up with Brachyscomb "Radient Magenta".  I asked for it at Lincoln Ave. Nursery in Pasadena and Armstrong in Glendale with no luck.   Struck out at 3 nurseries.  But I was on a mission!

So today was the members day of the annual Huntington Library & Botanic Gardens PLANT SALE!  It's a big deal and everyone goes!  I got there and looked around and picked up a blooming bulb. Then I found my friend Mitzi who was volunteering near the perennials. I showed her the pic. She said she would look for it. A minute later I spied some bright magenta on a table.  And THEY HAD IT!!  I was so happy that I bought 3 of them!   Yay for new plants!  

Happy Gardening!  

Friday, April 3, 2015

Miniature & Fairy Gardens

This post is for my friend Sarah who asked for photos about 2 weeks ago of some of my mini gardens. Well, they had to be trimmed and spruced up before I could share photos. Even mini gardens get overgrown if you don't watch them all the time!

This is the first one I made because I bought that tiny picket fence.  The large plants are Coprosma and Serissa.  There is a mini variegated Jade plant and some Dymondia groundcover in the back. On the left is some Muehlenbeckia axilaris nana.  When I bought the little table and chairs Kailay Yu from like her website just has links now).   added 2 little teacups stuck to it. SO CUTE!  There is also a mini birdbath.  I try to put water in but it evaporates from it so quickly!

This is my second mini garden. It has a different Coprosma, a mini variegated Gardenia, a mini Cuphea on the left and a dwarf variegated Liriope. Today I added the little Ajuga called Chocolate Chip.  There is a little bench and a bridge.   These 2 pots are on the north side and get part shade. 

 Last year I got this 20 year old(or longer) Boxwood plant from a friend of a friend.  I pruned it up to look like an old tree. There I also planted Hen & Chicks, Thyme, a variegated Armeria on the left and an Artemesia on the right.  This pot stays mostly well-behaved. I got that little umbrella table at Michaels!  They sometimes have mini garden accessories!  This post is so full with plants that there isn't a lot of space for accessories.  

I adore Ginko trees and was able to mail order about 8 years ago several dwarf varieties.  The leaves might be too big for a mini garden. But I don't care. That is one problem with mini gardens; scale. Sometimes the accessories aren't with the scale of the others. In this case it's the leaves that aren't in scale. Whatever!   I still like it. Planted with the Gingko is more Hen & Chicks, Thyme and 2 new gray plants I got today: Antennaria "McCintock's Variety" on the right and Raoulia australis with the tiniest almost succulent gray leaves in the front.  My Rick helped me make a little rope swing. But it needs to be replaced(wood falls apart).    

Here is a miniature Gingko tree that HAS mini leaves.   I finally got a mini house. It took me forever because I didn't want to pay $30, $40 or more for one!  I think I paid $16(on eBay) for this one. It is resin, hollow and can take weather! And the door opens!  The plant on the right is Parahebe linifilia.  It gets little white flowers.  Today I planted a tiny Erodium on the left and some more of that gray Raoulis in front and I stuff a tiny but into that little pot. It is difficult to keep watered.  But I try :-)   Rock, small pieces of flagstone or slate or brick make good additions.   

 This is another mini Gingko tree.  I am still working on it.  But I've got a little pagoda, some metal Chinese lanterns and a tiki(from a fish store).  I planted the other half of the Antennaria with them.
Arlena Scott from is big into fairy gardens and just created some impressive gardens at the Chicago Garden show.     

Here is a place to get miniature garden plants and the most adorable tiny furniture and accessories you could imagine!  And Janit Calvo wrote a fab book on Mini gardening which you can get at amazon.

Happy Gardening!