Friday, April 24, 2015

Cute Pink Daisy

I am in LOVE with this new plant!  

 Two weeks ago I was at my amazing rose job in Pasadena(she has 300 or so roses and the garden is beautiful and park like) and I saw this plant!   Her other gardener had planted it in a big pot with a Citrus. It had no tag and I couldn't find him to ask.  So I took a pic and tried to figure it out.  I Googled what I thought it might be with no luck. I posted the pic on Instagram asking for an ID. No help.  I posted the pic on Annie's Annuals Facebook page with no answer!   I was at Green Thumb Nursery in Canoga Park last Saturday for our San Fernando Valley Iris Society Iris show for most of the day.  I showed the nursery people there the pic and got an answer. It's a Brachyscomb but they didn't have it!  Say Brak-EE-Comb.  It has quite different leaves and colored flowers from the common Brachyscomb I've seen.  Now I knew what to Google! A little search came up with Brachyscomb "Radient Magenta".  I asked for it at Lincoln Ave. Nursery in Pasadena and Armstrong in Glendale with no luck.   Struck out at 3 nurseries.  But I was on a mission!

So today was the members day of the annual Huntington Library & Botanic Gardens PLANT SALE!  It's a big deal and everyone goes!  I got there and looked around and picked up a blooming bulb. Then I found my friend Mitzi who was volunteering near the perennials. I showed her the pic. She said she would look for it. A minute later I spied some bright magenta on a table.  And THEY HAD IT!!  I was so happy that I bought 3 of them!   Yay for new plants!  

Happy Gardening!  


  1. That is a pretty plant. The color is amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Andrea for your comment. 💟