Thursday, June 20, 2019

Snow On The Mountain

Here is a super easy plant that is hard to find. Snow On The Mountain or Euphorbia marginata. One doesn't see it that often and never in nurseries. I hunted for several years after seeing it in a clients garden without luck. I finally found seed and mail ordered it from Baker Creek Seeds. But they don't seem to have it now.  

Like the Pointsettia which is closely related, the flower is the tiny white part not the colorful part. The white and green are actually leaves. I love this plant for contrast and the illusion of light in the garden.

It's an annual that likes warm weather and is native to temperate North America. Set out seeds in Spring, water and stand back. There's nothing to it really. I even had some reseed from last year. They grow to 2-3' tall and like full sun to part shade.

You should try them! Happy Summer Solstice and Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Here is a wonderful plant that I love. It's Tithonia rotundifolia or Mexican Sunflower. This one came up by itself in my vegetable bed from last years plant. I grow it from seed, available at nurseries by Botanical Interests. The flower is about 3" across and attracts butterflies. 

This one came up by itself in my vegetable bed from last years plant. They like heat and sun and grow 2-3 feet tall. 

And they make good cut flowers. 

 The plants will last until frost with a little deadheading. I just bought a packet to sow more in the front yard. Do you grow it? I've only ever seen it in ONE friend's garden.

Happy Gardening!