Saturday, February 15, 2020

Stellar Geranium

Most people think they know Geraniums.  The plants people know are most likely Pelargoniums.  They used to all be called "Geranium". But Pelargonium and Geranium were separated as plant classification back in 1789.  But everybody still calls them all Geranium.  I know, it's confusing.   

Most popular are Zonal and Ivy Pelargoniums. Zonals are the scalloped edged leaves with clusters of red, pink, orange, lavender or white flowers. Ivies are cascading plants with pointy ivy shaped leaves and red, pink, white, purple, or lavender flowers.   

Then there is this OTHER type of Geranium/Pelargonium called Stellar.  They came from Australia in the 1970s and we're lucky to have them! They have a fan shaped leaf and jagged edges flowers.   I grow many Stellars. But this red one whose tag is lost is blooming like crazy right now looking super vibrant and beautiful! 

Stellar leaves

Stellar leaf

Do you grow Pelargoniums or Geraniums? You might want to join the Los Angeles Geranium Society.  

Happy Gardening!