Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Pentas is a wonderful plant. It comes in many colors from red to pink, lavender and white.   My pink one and my red one I grew from cuttings.  This pink one is my second as my previous one was too old and when I went to de-pot it(from it's whiskey barrel), it had hardly any roots and I had to chuck it :-(  But I got a new one :-)  The hummingbirds love them.  The plants take full sun to part shade.  I have mine on an east side but at our old house I had them on the north side.  The pink and red ones grow to about 4 feet.  My white one stays compact to only 2 feet.   Nurseries used to carry all kinds of Pentas.  Most that you'll find now are the lower growing varieties.  But I love the taller ones as they fill in a space better and the hummingbirds will be safer away from the ground and cats.  They are all frost tender and they bloom almost constantly!  How many plants do that?  


  1. Oooh beautiful Aprille..great shots too! I think I love the pink pretty! How was I not following your blog..geesh! Am Now. Will add you to my blog list on my blog!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  2. I love Pintas and keep forgetting about it. Sometimes it pays to be old if you live in a mobile home. Thanks for reminding me (temporarily).

  3. Hi April, I just found your blog over Blotanical! I live and garden in Southern California, too, and thought it was really nice to find another blogger from this area. But now to your blog post: When I was in the nursery lately I consciously recognized pentas for the very first time. I almost bought a white one, but hold off, because I wanted to research the plant first. After reading your post I think I should go back and get it. Sounds like a really good plant for our climate. Thanks!