Sunday, September 25, 2011


Bauhinia is a varied genus. Most people know the Orchid tree - B. purpurea. I have a vine version called B. corymbosa that has smaller leaves and pale pink flowers. But my favorite is the shrub B. galpinii! Native to South Africa(as so many cool plants are) this Bauhinia is a shrub that tends to vine. It grows freestanding but also wants to weave itself with others. It can be kept at about 5 feet but wants to grow to 10 feet. And as my friend Alice knows this plant laughs at pruning. The flowers are so pretty, coral orangey and a unique shape. I don't care if it grows like a crazy plant. I love it.

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  1. The original Hong Kong Orchid trees were putatively brought to California by the Countesse Estelle Doheny; at the downtown MSMC campus--the old Doheny Estate near Adams & Figueroa, the original trees are supposed to be still growing in the enclave. At least they were when I last taught there, over a decade ago. Of course, they could have been another victim of 'progress.'