Monday, January 16, 2012

Keep An Eye Out For This

Just want to give you all a heads up for another bug in the garden. This one is not good. It's the eggs of a Katydid. The mature insect is like a grasshopper but all green and slimmer. You'll see them in Spring, Summer and Fall. And they make a squeaky sound. This photo is of eggs found on a rose branch lying on my glove. They lay them like barnacles or roofing tiles. You could break each flat egg off. But it's usually easier just to cut off the branch and throw it away. Katydids eat roses! I hate them as any gardener should!

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  1. Aprille, you forgot to mention the most important character to tell them apart from grasshoppers ... their long antennae that goes beyond the tip of the abdomen. Katydids belong to the Orthopteroid family Tettigoniidae and it includes the long-horned grasshoppers, katydids, and camel crickets.