Friday, April 13, 2012

Fridge Roses

Just thought I'd share what's in my refrigerator at the moment(and I really do need to clean my fridge). The first rose show of the season is tomorrow. Competitors don't always have perfect roses the morning of the show. We cut all week. I was hoping to have a spare fridge by this time but that hasn't happened. I'm still scouring Craigslist for an inexpensive fridge without a freezer. Let me know if you know of one. I'll be able to exhibit longer stems than squeezing them in between the milk, wine and juice.

The San Fernando Valley Rose Society hosts tomorrow's rose show a week earlier than usual this year.  Find the info here: SFVRS Rose Show .   Since we've had rollercoaster weather this winter/spring and I didn't get to prune my roses until Feb, mine are just starting to bloom. We had 2 days of pouring rain this week so I don't have a lot. Wish me luck! I am always happy to win just one trophy and will share photos next post.


  1. I'll have a glass of that pink wine to toast the pink roses! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Diana. It's White Zinfandel, the Kool-aid of wines :-)