Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Plant Search = Paydirt!

I used to grow this plant about 10 years ago.  I forgot about it until last November when I saw it growing at a new client's house because you just don't see it very often.   It is a wonderful perennial called Tracheluim caeruleum or "Throatwort" because it was used to treat throat problems.  It is a Mediterranean native and that's why it does well here. It comes in ranges of purple and white, likes sun to part shade and makes a great cut flower.  Trachelium grows to about 3 feet tall in flower and has unusual bronzy foliage.  My client's plants are in bloom now and are looking fabulous!  I have been nursery hunting for it for 8 months and finally found it TODAY at San Gabriel Nursery!  I bought all 3 of them that they had and will plant them tomorrow in the garden.  I am so happy I just had to share. 

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  1. Congratulations on finding this beautiful plant. It's lovely. Thanks for sharing Aprille.