Thursday, April 4, 2013

Burgandy AND Pink

Last year I bought this Oxalis siliquosa. They mostly come in burgandy or a golden orangey leaf with small yellow flowers. I couldn't find a tag in the pot. It's the branchey kind of Oxalis rather than the single leaf kind that comes right out of the soil. And this plant is so happy that it covers the whole container. I'm chicken to plant it in the ground. Maybe I'll change my mind later. I adore this one because it has pink within the burgandy foliage. Burgandy leaves ARE awesome! But to have PINK too is spectacular!

I had to email my Oxalis expert friend Bill in Brooklyn asking which variety this is. He said that it is siliquosa but has a chimera with it. I had to look that up. It boils down to two distinct cells living with each other. That's the pink or variegation showing up in the leaves. Either way, it's beautiful!

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