Sunday, November 24, 2013

Autumn Iris

This is a post for those who think Bearded Iris only bloom in Spring. Here are three Iris blooming in my garden right now. They call these "reblooming" Iris.   Bearded Iris like full or mostly sun, well-drained soil and moderate water and are great companion plants for roses and other perennials.

The yellow is Pure As Gold.

 The burgandy & yellow is called Blatant.

And the white with the slightest bluish tint is Aspen which is it's first bloom for me. 

I have learned a lot from my year and a half in the San Fernando Valley Iris Society  The way to really learn how to grow certain kinds of plants is to join a garden club. I'm also in two rose societies(24 yrs) and the Los Angeles Geranium Society(15 yrs). You meet like minded people, go on garden tours, get access to more plants and learn how to grow them better. If you love plants, find a garden club in your area and go to a meeting!

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