Thursday, June 5, 2014


Most of my Daylilies are blooming now.  Daylily or Hemerocallis, say HEEM-air-oh-CAL-is is so named because each flower blooms for only one day.  But flower spikes usually have several buds that open in succession.  Daylilies are one of my favorite plants because they are so easy to clean. The brown leaves pull right out unlike some other plants that don't let go of their spent foliage.   In SoCal I have seen Daylilies bloom fall through winter but most in spring to summer.   Most are evergreen. But some have foliage that dies back in winter only to have new growth appear shortly afterwards.  In my experience it is the yellows, orange and reds that are easy to find in nurseries. It's the pinks and lavenders that are a bit more difficult to find.  They like full sun and will even take part shade. They grow well with roses and other perennials.  Most grow about 2' tall.  But there are some smaller ones and some bigger.  But all are under 3'.

They are a hardy plant and so easy to divide.  You just dig up a big plant, shake off the soil and rip apart the roots to have more than one piece of plant with roots.  They're tougher than you think :-)  I love making more plants out of what you've got! 

I got this white one last week.  It is probably really considered a very pale yellow.  It's funny how some flowers just don't come in a particular color; Yellow or Orange Camellias,  Blue Roses, Yellow Impatiens(they've sort of figured out).  

I even got a double flowered orange variety just yesterday and it bloomed today.  

If you like Daylilies you might visit the LA County Arboretum where they're having a Daylily Show this weekend June 7 & 8.  For some reason I didn't get to go last year and then saw beautiful photos afterwards and kicked myself for not going.  I'm definitely going to check it out on Saturday.  

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