Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Planting

On July 31 we will have been in this, our first house for 4 years! It seems to have flown by! But I have just to look at how the garden has grown to see those 4 years.

Since I have my own ground I have a really difficult time sticking to my own rule. "Smart gardeners don't plant in the heat of the summer". The reason for that is, it's hard for new plants to establish themselves in the hot weather. And it has been hot, 90s and humid for the past few weeks. I picked up some mulch yesterday at a nursery for a job and couldn't help but buy this Salvia Patio Deep Blue that I had never seen before. I planted it in the garden this evening. I DO love Salvias. Wish me luck that it doesn't fry in August.

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