Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pink Polka Dot Plant

In SoCal this plant known as Pink Polka Dot plant is perennial. It's botanical name is Hypoestes phyllostacha and it is of Tropical and Subtropical origins. Say hi-PO-ess-TEEZ. It is often sold with house plants because of its tropical nature. But I could never grow it indoors. In the ground it will grow 1-3'. In my garden it grows kinda spreading sideways about 1'. At the job where these pix were taken it grows almost 3' tall.


              Here it is before pruning.

Here is is after pruning. 

In my client's garden if I don't cut it back a couple times a year it'll grow really tall, lanky and floppy. So I gave them all a haircut today. They might look a little whacked. And usually I like to make things look better when I prune, not worse. But these plants will snap out of it pretty quickly with new leaves and become bushier.

Pink Polka Dot plants will bloom little purple flowers in Autumn. But by then they start putting out new growth at the base of the plant. When you see that new growth it means that it's time to cut the plant back hard. And you'll want to by then because the plant will be not looking it's best. It grows best in partial shade but will take a bit of sun.

And by the way Hypoestes phyllostacha can be rooted in water!

Happy gardening!

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