Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yellow Sundrops

I got this cute little ground cover last Fall at Matilija Nursery out in Moorpark.  It's worth a visit.  The plant has been flowering since I got it. I am not kidding!  What a fabulous plant! It's a Western US  native called Calylophus berlanderiera or Sundrops.  I can never remember what it's called and always have to look it up.    It was in a 1 gal. can and is now 2' across.   Here it is in my garden next to my bottle border and a Mum, an Iris and a Narcissus.  Research says it will grow up to 1' tall and 3' wide. It likes full sun and well drained soil. It must love my sandy soil.

Calylophus berlanderiera
Calylophus berlanderiera

 And I just had to share a pic of me in my new Matilija t-shirt!  What a great design and I love the mint green shirt color!  Thanks Bob!

Happy Gardening! 

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