Saturday, June 4, 2016

Little Spot of Color

While I work on our London & Paris pix(stay tuned for Chelsea Flower Show pix!), here is a little spot of color blooming in my garden today. It's Anomatheca laxa, a dime sized flower on a tiny bulb that is now called Freesia laxa. Grows only about 6" tall. Not sure why they changed the name but they must have a reason. I hate when they change plant names! Most Freesias are easy to find in nurseries. But I bet there's a ton of exotic varieties of which we've never heard. I've never seen this plant for sale. I have a client who has a ton of them that come up and flower every Spring who shared them with me. These are in a bit of shade and that's why they're blooming later than the rest of mine that are in sun. We had 98* here yesterday and it's supposed to be 93* today. My roses are frying so it's nice to see a little color.

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