Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve! 

I just wanted to squeeze in one more blog post before the year ends.  This is Linaria reticulata "Flamenco".  I'm sure I've posted about it before.  But this is the first year I think that I've been able to find it in the nursery so early!  It doesn't like our Valley heat so once summer starts, it's toast!  I think last year I found it only about 2 months before it got hot here.  I bought only 4 because they were in one gallon pots at Armstrong Garden Center two days ago.  Had they been 4" I would have bout a whole flat!  I'm glad to have planted them in the garden before it rained. I love this little annual. They look like tiny bright Snapdragon flowers.  

Have a fabulous New Year's Eve and Day! Happy Gardening! 

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