Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Star Jasmine Arch

I apologize for the length between posts. Spring is a busy time for most gardeners. In April I attended/worked the San Fernando Valley Iris show and the Pacific Rose Society/PSWD district con/ARS National Mini rose con. The latter was a huge deal. I was in charge of their bus garden tour on Friday and on Sat I exhibited roses, heard speakers, certificate calligraphy, saw a little bit of the show(I did win one trophy for micro mini- Yay!) and banquet.

Tom Thumb, best Micro Miniature rose.

AND I have spent the last two months weeding and getting my own garden ready to be included on the SFV Iris Society's Iris Trek(garden tour) that was last Saturday. Now that all those are over I can almost just enjoy my garden. But there still is the LA Geranium Society show coming up next weekend May 13 & 14 (Mother's Day weekend). If you're in the Los Angeles area, please come to the LA County Arboretum in Arcadia to see the show and shop for plants.

 Here is my Star Jasmine blooming over the arch & gate to the backyard. It smells so good. I planted it a few years ago and put up that arch maybe 2 years ago. I love how the plant travels overhead. The fragrance wafts through the backyard and the side yard. I wish you could smell it.

What have you been doing in your garden?  I love comments and hardly get any. 
Happy Spring!


  1. Hi Aprille! I love reading your blog :). & I love that jasmine arch! So beautiful!! I just planted out our backyard w/ ~6 star jasmine; am also trying madagasgar & south african jasmines this year:

    Have you tried either of those?

    Congrats on your rose award--& glad to hear that you're having time to enjoy what you've created :).

    1. Thanks Holly! :-) Good luck with your Jasmines. I do grow Madagascar Jasmine- Stephanotis, Sambac Jasmine, Night Blooming Jasmine- Cestrum noturnum, Angel Wing Jasmine- Jasminum nitidum, Pink Jasmine- Jasmines polyanthum and another big bushy one that came with the house. I think that's all of them.