Saturday, March 30, 2019


I still love this plant. Hermannia verticilata or Honeybells. It's flowers are so cute that I can barely stand it! I got it at The Huntington Library & Gardens plant sale about 5 years ago. I've never seen it available at another nursery.  Every spring it gets covered in the cutest little 1/2" yellow bell flowers. It is said to be fragrant but I don't smell anything. But who can tell when citrus trees and jasmine perfume the air right now! 

It's from South Africa of course, as all the interesting plants are. I grow it on the east side of our house in a small slightly raised bed next to the path to our door. It only gets about 18" high and maybe 3' across.  It can take full sun to part shade. 

Have you grown this plant?  I'd love to read your comments.

Happy Spring!

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  1. I grow it. Had 3 plants and now only have the 1. The scent reminds me of a perfume from the 80s - tea rose - love it!!! Do you, perchance, know how to propagate it? By cutting or by seed?