Monday, November 18, 2019

Pipicha who?

Back in April I was at a nursery looking at herbs and found this strange plant with blue bud/flowers. I bought it because I'd never heard of it and like blue plants. I say flower/bud because those little buds never really open further. And they stay on the plant for awhile until they look like a small fuzzy Dandelion. The tag said PIPICHA. The botanical name is Porophyllum linaria. It's a short lived perennial or grown as an annual. 

Along with those cute little blue buds, the plant has a robust scent! It's difficult to describe except it's not unpleasant. The scent smells up(cant say "stinks" or "perfumes") my backyard. Research says it smells and tastes like Cilantro and is used in Mexican cooking. But I'm not a big cook so I don't know. I did plant it in my vegetable garden.

We'll see if it makes it through winter.

Have you grown Pipicha? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Gardening! 

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