Sunday, May 31, 2020

Burgundy Foliage Part 2

Ahoy all. I hope you are still well amidst the pandemic going on.    Here in the Los Angeles area we had protests and over the hill there were riots, looting and violence.  We are fine.  But the world is kinda messy right now.  Stay safe and well.  

I love burgundy foliage plants so much, here is part two.  It's the contrast of all the green plants next to purple foliage that compliments everybody.  And the more colorful the leaves, the more they POP! 

Let's begin with Alternanthera dentata Purple Knight.  It is a mounding plant that may or may not survive frost.  I've had mine for maybe 5 years but it's close to the house for a little protection.  Alternanthera are native to Central and South America.  So, they really only like zones 9-11.   Most of SoCal(except the beaches) is zone 9.  I remember lots of them in Hawaii.  So, we are lucky to be able to grow them here.  Those little creamy dried flowers come in the Fall and stay until you cut them off.  The plant can take some sun and some shade.  It wants to grow kinda gangly to about 3 feet.  But I like it better when it stays bushy.  One has to pinch it a couple times a year to make it this way.  And I cut off any branches that cross into neighbor plants because it can be vigorous and want to cover up another.  I even had had some seedlings come up nearby.  But it's the dark purple leaves that I adore! 
Alternanthera next to Hypoestes.  
Here is another Alternanthera, with the variety being Brazilian Red Hot.  I LOVE this one so much that I look for it every year! It's quite more frost tender that Purple Knight and I've lost many.  When I find some in nurseries, I'll buy several. The one pictured here is 2 years old.  I only have the one now because I haven't found more yet. It is said to grow 2' tall.  But then there I am again with the pinching. So mine is only about 8" tall.  It's SO PRETTY! 

Alternanthera Brazillian Red Hot

Here is the only succulent in the group that I have. It's Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum.  Say "A-oh-NEE-um".  This plant is native to the Canary Islands and grows like a weed. I bought one plant and split it into 3 and planted them separately in my garden.  They grow so wide that I keep having to rip some out.  The one in the pic keeps growing into my path.   It's easy and loves my sandy soil.  It will grow 3-5'! Mine stay about 2' tall and get about 4' wide. They sometimes get clusters of yellow flowers in summer and grow best when part shaded.  

Aenoium arboreum atropurourea

 There are SO Many Begonias, I couldn't tell you the name of this one. I won it at a Southern California Horticultural Society meeting about 2 years ago and it had no tag.  But I love the foliage.  It occasionally makes pink and white flowers. But who cares! Those leaves are fabulous!  Sometimes fancy Begonias are fussy. This one is not! It grew so well, that I recently had to repot it into a bigger container.  I keep it right by our front door with eastern exposure so it gets a little morning sun only.  

Sometimes the new leaves looks SO DARK! 

Here is that one flower it had recently.  

 I know that I've posted about this plant before but I had to include it.  Iresine herbstii or Bloodleaf Plant is another gorgeous foliage plant. No one I know calls it by that common  name. It grows to about 4 feet if not pruned and is native the the American Tropics.  It keeps that great color in part shade.  If grown in more sun the color tends to bleach away leaving a rusty look.  I grow mine in eastern or northern exposure.  It is also another great plant for pinching to keep it bushy.  

Here is an herbaceous perennial,  Aster laterflorus 'Prince'.  It grows in the warm weather and is cut down to almost nothing in winter.  And OhMyGosh, they changed the name to Symphyotrichum lateriflorum.    Whatever! It's still an Aster to me.  It grows to about 24" tall and wide.  I've divided my plant a couple times in the maybe 4 years that I've grown it.  Of course I bought it for that black foliage!  But soon it will be covered in pink with red centered little daisies.  So cute! 

Aster laterflorus Prince next to an Iris & an Echinacea
the first of it's flowers coming

I needed something to fill a spot from where I had moved another plant and wanted something that gets about 4' tall. I was at Green Thumb Growing Grounds in Canoga Park this week and spotted a big block of orange foliage. I'd seen it in previous years but resisted in the past.  It's Berberis thunbergii Orange Rocket or one of the many Japanese Barberries.   It has thorns and goes mostly deciduous here in winter.  It looks to have an upright nature rather than a rounded shrubby nature which is perfect for my spot in the garden.  I planted it in the ground yesterday.  I love the orangey leaves. Look how it stands out next to green! It's not burgundy but I am still including it here.  

Berberis Orange Rocket 
Berberis Orange Rocket up close 

 The last for today is Snowbush or Breynia nivosa. It is native to the Western Pacific Islands. You'll often see them for sale as houseplants.  But here in SoCal they grow great outside.  I had mine in a pot for years.  Then I saw some at Legoland in Carlsbad, CA going beautifully in the ground. Granted they are coastal.  But I planted mine on the east side of the house and it's grown great!  It takes a bit of a break in winter.  It doesn't lose all it's leaves. It just loses some and looks not it's best.  It does flower but I've never seen them in person. Photos online show insignificant blooms along the stems. My plant is 4' tall and wide and I love it! There is another Breynia that has more white in its leaves and no pink.  But it doesn't impress me like the pink and burgundy of this one.    

Breynia leaves

Breynia leaves up close.

That's it for burgundy foliage today.  I'll have a part 3 coming soon of smaller sized plants with burgundy foliage.  

Stay well and Happy Gardening! 


  1. Hi Aprille. I live in Bermuda and our climate is similar in some ways. I have a Breynia nivosa outside my front door. Very pretty foliage. I find that the plant suckers a lot and is difficult to control. Love your Berberis and Iresine herbstii. Must look into getting those!


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