Saturday, August 15, 2020

Another Flame Vine

We're in the dog days of summer now and it was 100° here in Burbank today. I hope you all are well. 

I was at a job in Temple City today and afterwards thought I'd visit San Gabriel Nursery(like I shouldnt!) since I was out there. I spotted a flower from a distance that I've been hunting for about 15 years! It's Combretum fruticosum or Orange Flame Vine. 

It has orange toothbrush like flowers and is native to South America. I love orange flowers and even already grow another "Flame Vine", Pyrostegia venusta. The nursery has probably had this plant for many years because it was super root bound. I just didn't notice it before because I was being good and not plant shopping in summer. And the leaves aren't very distinctive. I had tried to root this plant from cuttings from a friend unsuccessfully several times. And I even tried to get him to air layer it for me. None worked. 

And I have tried to find it to mail order without luck. So I am very HAPPY to finally have it. I was NOT so happy when I saw the price. $$ YIKES! There were none smaller. So I had to buy it. As I've said many times, you HAVE to buy the unusual when you see it because it might not be there next time.

I took it home and right away repotted it up into a 7 gal can to wait out the summer heat. Thank you San Marcos Growers for still growing it and SAN Gabriel Nursery for having it in stock. Now I have to figure out where to plant this vine.

Happy Gardening and stay well all!


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