Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lemon Marigold

Lemon Marigold- Tagetes lemonii is fast growing to 6 ft. And comes from Mexico. It blooms when not a lot else is in SoCal; winter to spring. I took this photo right before I whacked it in half at a client's house. It has a Lemon/herb-y fragrance. With my allergies, it really makes me sneeze to trim it. It also has pointy pokey little seeds that get in ones clothes after pruning. It may seem that I dislike this plant for all it does to me. But I still love it for it's bright show of color, fragrance and fast growth in full sun. Found in most nurseries.


  1. Aprille, love those Marigold...I had them in Whittier. They don't grow here, doesn't get hot enough I guess! Miss you!

  2. Posting as anonymous is tricky as I don't know who misses me. Shirley?