Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Along my travels doing consultations with clients and planting jobs, I have found that orange is the most disliked color. I think that's a shame! I love orange! In our harsh sun of SoCal, pale colors just don't stand out. Colors like red, yellow and orange DO!

Many people think Marigolds are too common or too stinky or snail fodder. I think they really give the best show of color for sunny locations here. They DO smell a little weird and do attract snails. Sluggo works well killing snails and slugs. None of my clients let me plant orange Marigolds! So now that we have our own place I planted them as a border along one of our walkways.

I don't know if you can see in my photo. But I bundled, twisted and rubber banded the fading Daffodil leaves along the walkway. One is supposed to leave the foliage to turn brown as it dies back because it's storing nutrients for next year. But it looks messy and takes up space! I used to braid the long leaves. But that takes too long and is back breaking! I planted the Marigolds between the bulb leaves since they'll be gone in the summer and the Marigolds will fill in then.


  1. pretty. Is that a new walk way?

  2. No. It came with the house and has tons of weeds where I didn't photograph! They are so difficult to remove!

  3. I'd let you plant orange marigolds in my garden! lovely!!