Monday, May 7, 2012

Pot Wreath

I saw a wreath like this that my friend Jan Brider made and loved it SO much that I HAD to make one myself! I am too cheap to take a class on such things, looking at a photo is enough for me. So I bought a metal wreath form at Michaels and some green moss. I found 4" clay pots at Lowes and 3" pots at Home Depot. But no one had the little 2" pots! I wired the pots to the wreath and decided that I really needed those tiny pots! It only took a little search on the Internet to find a seller that had them in Washington state. They were inexpensive and they took PayPal! My poor unfinished wreath took up valuable space on Rick's workbench for 11 days while waiting for my tiny pots to come in the mail. Seems after an email reply that the company was super busy this time of year. The tiny pots came in today's mail(with a couple extra, must be an apology for the lateness). So I squeezed them onto the wreath and added moss to cover any exposed frame. I wrapped the moss with a bit of fishing line to keep it in place. I think the birds might still steal some if they can. I added a bit of vine clippings to give it a little extra something. I wanted those curlycues to show. I wired a loop to my gate and hung the wreath with an S hook. Then I planted a few succulents in any pot that was mostly upright and watered them in. What do you think?

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