Saturday, February 16, 2013

In Pink?

I already knew Phlomus fruiticosa or Jerusalem Sage. It has gray foliage and yellow flowers. But I had never seen it in pink until twice this week! On Tues, I saw it at a newly planted spot at one of my rose jobs. I asked my friend Jen who works at a nursery about it and she confirmed that indeed it was pink Phlomis. Yesterday I was at the fabulous La Crescenta nursery and bought one for myself!

Phlomis is native from the Mediterranean to Asia, likes full sun and well drained soil and grows to 3 feet tall. My research shows about 20 varieties but I've only seen 3; regular yellow, dwarf yellow and pink. The name Phlomis derives from the Greek word for flame and is said to refer to using the leaves as lamp wicks in ancient times.

Grow the yellow or the pink Phlomis and have blooms for months. Enjoy that fabulous gray foliage to contrast the green that is everywhere. I'm sure it will love my sandy soil.

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