Monday, February 11, 2013


I planted this wonderful pink flowering plant last Spring after seeing it in one of my client's garden. All it said on the tag was "JOEY" and below that "Pink Mulla Mulla". That sounds Australian to me. I thought it might be an annual because my client's plant looked crappy and was removed in the Fall. Mine still looks fabulous! But I did plant two and lost one.

My research found that the botanical name is Ptilotus exaltus 'Joey' and IS from Australia. It only grows 1-2 feet tall. The Internet also says that it's deciduous. Mine isn't! It did say that it's an annual or short lived perennial that likes dry climates and low water. My soil is SO sandy. Maybe that's why it likes it here! I hope I get a few more months out of it because it is lovely.

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