Saturday, June 1, 2013

Light Blue Salvia

Today we drove an hour to go to a Tiki lunch party in the South Bay part of SoCal. On the way back we stopped at a wonderful nursery called Marina Del Rey Garden Center. I was looking for Firefly Impatiens which I didn't find. What I couldn't pass up was this beautiful light blue flowered Salvia. They didn't have it in a smaller size so I had to spend $30 on a 5 gal! Ugh! But I've found that I have to buy the unusual when I see it or I'll pine for it later. And I'd never seen this Salvia before.

Salvia guarantica "Argentine Skies" grows 4-5' tall, likes full sun to part shade and comes from South America. It is said to bloom from early summer to frost. Yay! I adore Salvias and grow 9 different varieties. I did rip out one last week that got too big and annoyed me(moved it twice before the yank). I really love those light blue flowers on this "Argentine Skies". Research says it was introduced just in 1990. That's pretty recent for a plant.

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