Friday, June 7, 2013

Rain Lily

My Rain Lily is blooming! It's actually Zephranthes grandiflora, a bulb related to Amaryllis. Say it ZEF-ran-theez. Research says it's called "Rain Lily" because it usually blooms after a rain. Here in SoCal we haven't had rain in about a month and probably won't get any more until November :-( I was so happy to find these bulbs for sale back in late April at the South Coast Plaza Garden Show and bought 6(I think). I came home and planted them right away.  In the photo you can see the edge of my wine bottle border for comparison.  The flower is about 3" across.

Last year I had a client for a few visits in the summer who I couldn't seem to please. We parted ways. She had this huge patch of Zephranthes about 40 square feet. The bulbs were in bloom for quite awhile. I really wanted to ask her to share a few bulbs. But it didn't happen. That's why I was SUPER excited to later be able to buy some bulbs. I never see the pink one in nurseries. The smaller white one Zephranthes candida is found in pots in nurseries.

It's a good thing I took the photo yesterday. Today there is a chomp off the end of one of the petals.

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