Thursday, September 19, 2013

California Fuchsia

Oh, the confusion of plant names. This is not a Fuchsia but is commonly called California Fuchsia. It is Zauschneria californica (zowsh-NAIR-E-a).  Now I read that it's not really a Zauschneria but Epilobium canum.   Whatever!   I'm still calling it Zauschneria.   It is beautiful in my yard right now!  I adore that reddish orangey color.  The plant is happily growing in my super sandy soil whilst I dug out 5 dead roses this morning :-( 

I bought this at The Huntington
Library & Gardens' Fall plant sale last year.  Their Fall sale this year is on Oct. 26-27.  This variety is actually Zauschneria californica "Carman's Grey" and grows to about 4 feet.  It blooms in Autumn and the hummingbirds love it. You can also find different varieties of Zauschneria at Matilija Nursery.  There are 60 some varieties of Zauschneria.  Some have greener leaves and some are groundcovers. But they all seem to have this beautiful brightly colored flower. 

If you love this color and want to be awed and thoroughly impressed, try this google image search google zauschneria

Zauschnerias are a California native which means they want little water and like our hot summers.  Hey, why doesn't that work for me? I'm a CA native!!  ;-)   I didn't used to be able to grow natives when I gardened in containers because growing 200 roses takes a lot of water(and kills drought tolerant plants in pots).  But now that I have my own ground and the water runs right down and away here in Burbank, CA natives are looking better and better! 

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