Saturday, September 28, 2013

Red Shrimp Plant

Most gardeners in SoCal know the common Shrimp Plant, Justicia brandegeana.  The flowers are shrimply shaped orange with white.  Well, I have this special Shrimp plant that I don't remember buying.  I've had it in a pot for a long time and planted it in the ground here about a year ago.  Most Justicias(and there are bunches of them) bloom off and on throughout the year.  This one only blooms in Autumn and has more red and no white in it and is shaped a little more whirlybird-ish than the regular one. Research says it may be called "Red Pine Cone".  But I'm not positive.  

Justicias can take full sun.  But I find they do best in part shade.  Mine gets morning sun on the east side under dappled light from our huge Cedar tree.  

We had a bunch of wind the past couple days which made the branches lay down despite most of the plant being staked.  So I cut them and put them in a vase.  Pretty!  I love that color! 

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