Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wrong Marigold

So, I bought this packet of Vanilla Marigold seeds back in March along with a whole bunch of Zinna seeds.  I potted up the seeds into 4" pots in my backyard because I was afraid they wouldn't get watered if I just set them out into my front garden.   They all sprouted and in a month or so they were big enough to plant into my front garden.  The Zinnias are doing great and are starting to bloom.  As I was watering on Sun I noticed that the Marigolds had begun to bloom too.   But instead of this(pic taken from the internet):

They are THIS:

I DO Love orange.  But these were SUPPOSED to be fancy almost white Marigolds!!! Wahhh!!!  And I can't find the empty seed packet to know which seed company to no longer trust!!!!    Ugh! 

Do you plant seeds and do they ever get them wrong for you too? 


  1. Yes! Last year I bought organic kale seeds and excitedly planted them inside to prepare for the warmer spring to transplant outside...only what shot up was some kind of green plant that lasted only weeks and for some odd reason, died off before they became big enough to transplant :(
    ~Sharon Rae

  2. Yup. White larkspur? Purple. Salmon flax? Red. Yellow cosmos? Gold. You name it, it's the wrong color. And I really care about these things- if it's not the color it's supposed to be, there's a hole in my garden for that year. I wish they had some kind of quality control at these places.

  3. i love orange too.