Friday, May 2, 2014

Sweetshade Tree

So I missed Arbor Day! It was last Friday and nobody said a thing!!!!

I went to Boston Market this week to pick up my favorite creamed spinach and saw these trees lining Riverside Dr in Toluca Lake in FULL BLOOM. They are Hymenosporum, a tree native to Australia(where all the cool plants are from). 

The flowers are super fragrant and start out bright yellow then fade to a creamy yellow so it almost looks multicolored. The tree grows about 30 feet tall and has a columnar habit. So it's good between buildings or where there's a small space.

Happy Spring! Go plant a tree!


  1. What a pretty tree. And to be fragrant is a bonus! I may have to drive by and take a look (and a sniff). I live in the LA area too. Thanks for introducing me to this Australian beauty!

  2. I would like to have this tree in a 5ft walkway. Would that be Ok assuming I will prune it so it doesn't grow too wide for the space?