Friday, April 25, 2014

Plant Sale

Today was the first day of the members only plant sale at The Huntington Library & Gardens in San Marino, CA(near Pasadena for my out of state readers). Fri and Sat is for members, Sun for the public. I couldn't go last year because it was just Sat & Sun and I had a big rose show to attend. So I was happy to be able to go today.   There were many employees & volunteers making our way easier from parking to signage directing us to the line up for the sale. I brought my red wagon to haul my purchases. And it was a good thing because I had to park WAY out there. I had a limited budget and only went $10 over. Here is my haul.

I got an Acacia craspedocarpa(quite a long name).  I adore those roundy leaves.  It's supposed to get 10-15 feet. Yikes!!  

And I brought home a Tecoma "Bells Of Fire". It is said to grow 3-5ft.   You might remember if you've been following along my post about a month ago on another Tecoma I grow.  Now I just need the yellow one :-) 

 Also I bought a pot of Babiana rubra-cyanea bulbs, a bag of hardy Gladiolus nanus "Atom"(red & white) and a bag of Leucocoryne bulbs of which I had been pining for a year.  I already planted all the bulbs in the ground.

A botanic garden's plant sale is one of the best places to find unusual plants. I hope you have one near you.  And you still have time to go to this one this weekend!  

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