Thursday, April 17, 2014


  Last summer I saw this amazing new Hydrangea in one of my client's gardens.  It had different leaves and each floret was smaller but the spray of flowers was huge!  After searching all over the internet, I discovered that it's Hydrangea arborescens "Invincibelle".  

It was spectacular and I started pining for one. I checked a few nurseries but only found the white one and it was spendy.   I took a few cuttings and tried to root them. One survived.   I still have it but it's one inch tall.   This variety of Hydrangea lost all of it's leaves in the winter and was a brown stick. It differed from our regular Hydrangea macrophylla whose stems are very fleshy and the new growth is green.  Flash forward to 2 weeks ago.  I was at a nursery and found a few of this special plant and they were just leafing out.  But they were $36.00.  I talked myself out of it.  Then I saw it again at the Descanso Gardens gift shop last weekend for $50.00.    Again I didn't buy it.   Then I saw this on Pinterest: 

And decided it was talking to me ;-)    So today I went back to Lincoln Avenue Nursery in Pasadena and bought the $35.00 plant.  I planted it in my garden as soon as I got home.  

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Happy Gardening!!!  

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  1. Be glad you don't live where there are deer who love hydrangeas! We just came back from a hydrangea garden completely eaten.