Friday, April 11, 2014

Dwarf Alstroemeria

I am in love with these dwarf Alstroemerias!!!    I might have posted on them before.  But I just got the red one below and thought this deserved another look!!!  The common name is Peruvian Lily and they are native to South America.  It used to be that there were just tall(3 feet or so) varieties.  They are a great cut flower.   But in the ground because of their height, they tend to flop.  So maybe 10 years ago I started seeing dwarf varieties in nurseries and a few years ago I got divisions of the yellow and pink from one of my clients and planted them in my(then new) garden.  They still are kinda spendy.  I saw one at a nursery last week that was $25.00.  That's why I was happy to pay $14.99 for this new red one at Lowe's.  They only grow about 16" and look great in the garden!  And they STILL make great cut flowers, just in shorter vases.  And who has space for really tall vases in their kitchen cupboards anyway? 

Last year I found this burgundy one at Trader Joe's.  It got a little frostburn but is spectacular now.  

White was difficult to find and I got this one at the Huntington Library & Gardens.  

They do die back for part of the year in winter.  But some of them stay evergreen.  Oh, the advancements made in hybridizing!   They also come in purples and more oranges that I NEED too.  Try an Alstroemeria in your garden.  You can thank me later :-)

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