Monday, April 14, 2014

Warning Labels

Just a word of advice today.  Please always read labels before applying pesticides and herbicides.  Twice in the last two weeks I've been asked to apply products of which the homeowner did not read the labels.   One was a pre-emergent that prevents seeds from germinating(prevents weeds).  Today it was for snail bait.    Ortho bug geta.   Both products said they were TOXIC to animals and humans.  Both clients had dogs.  I showed them the labels and discouraged them from using it.   Both products were granular and dogs are attracted to stuff like that.  They think it's food for them.  Liquids are another story and do not attract pets.  Instead I squished about 20 snails today.  So be careful with products you buy.  We take care of our pets.  Take enough care to read labels.  Happy gardening!

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  1. My sister's dog, that practically lives with us, likes to eat twigs and has a special penchant for eating Brugmansia leaves. Fortunately he's never eaten enough of it--or kept it down long enough--for it to harm him. So we, my father and I, worry about the types of plants we plant AND what pesticides we use :)