Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Wine Bottle Edging

Sorry that I haven't posted in a month. There seemed to be nothing new.

Yesterday I added more wine bottles to the south side of our north walkway. We live on a corner and have 2 ways to get to the front door. The soil and water was rushing off when I hand water(as I do the whole yard). My friends have been saving wine bottles for me.

I finally bought some annuals for the border. I'm late because it was hot in Oct, we went on vacation in Nov, some of the Profusion Zinnias still looked good and I had no money. With a little money I bought 2 flats of orange Calendulas. But I had to fix the edging first.

It'll hold the soil for awhile and I think looks pretty. The Calendulas will begin blooming soon

The cobalt blue bottle is my favorite Moscato. I did drink that one :-)


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