Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rain Lilies

OhMyGosh I love these yellow Rain Lilies! Zephranthes citrina or Z. sulphurea- they must have changed the name. They like full sun and grow only about 6-8" tall. I bought 2 pots of them about a month ago when they were in full bloom. They bloom, I deadhead them and they bloom again. I swear I cut them back only last week. And here they are looking so fabulous again! I wish the weather would cool down so I could plant them in the garden. Research says that if you don't deadhead them they will reseed. I'll be happy if they do become a "pretty weed".

I first planted the pink ones from bulbs about 2 years ago. They bloom off and on and the flowers are large, maybe 2". But they haven't put on a show like the yellow ones. Maybe they need to spread more. The yellow flowers are about 1 1/2". I also have a peachy colored one that I got at The Huntington. Those flowers are smaller maybe only 1" and haven't bloomed a lot.

I've read that they're called Rain Lilies because they bloom after rain. But we don't get much rain. They're in the Amaryllis family and and native to the Western Hemisphere. They grow in zones 7-10 in SoCal we are zone 9. So they like warm climates.

Do you grow Zephranthes?

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