Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Critter Protection

Happy Autumn!!!!  

And it's still hot here.  It was 102º on Sunday and only cooled off to the 80ºs at night   Yuck!   We had a nice(r)  couple days but it's supposed to be 97º through the weekend :-(  

Anyway I'm SO HAPPY to report that my Sweet Pea seeds sprouted!  Yay!  That's the good news. The bad news is that some critter(raccoon, possum or skunk most likely) is still digging up my raised beds for those delicious, uh,  disgusting fig beetle grubs.  I MUST protect my seedlings(because I love Sweet Peas so much!   So I just put some protection over them in the form of hardware cloth curved and poked into the soil. Let's hope the critter is not smart or strong enough to know that it can be lifted off. Maybe I need to wire or stake the pieces. Ugh!  Not sure how I'm going to cover the whole other bed when I plant my lettuce seeds.  

 And that's my grapevine that's was planted a year ago June and hasn't grown at all!  

Do you have to fend off animals who want to mess up your garden?  What do you do?  

Happy Gardening! 

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