Saturday, October 17, 2015

Blue Mistflower

We're finally getting some cooler weather.  No 90ºs showing for the next 10 days.  Yay! Only low 80ºs. I'm still looking for those wonderful easy-to-work-outdoors 60ºs! 

Last Spring when I was shopping at Matilija Nursery in Moorpark, a California native plant and Iris nursery I bought a Blue Mistflower.   The botanical name is Conoclinium coelstinium. Say CON-oh-clin-E-um  CO-el-ss-TIN-E-um(I think). What a crazy long name! It looked like a big Ageratum to me. It's native to North America, grows to about 3' tall and blooms July to Nov. It's in the Aster family and IS related to Ageratum :-)

At the the nursery Bob had it growing in the shade house AND out in the sun. I brought it home and planted it in part shade on the east side of the house. It was a small thing then and has since doubled its size. It's in full bloom now. Pretty right?

Happy Autumn!

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