Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Autumn 💜 Purple

I've probably posted about this plant before. But it's blooming so beautifully now I must again! This is Hypoestes aristata. I think it's looking so good this year is because I cut it three times; a big whack after blooming, another trim in spring and another in summer. That's why it has such a nice shape. If I didn't do those prunings it would be super rangy leaning all over.  I do have two of these plants.  The other is to the left.  But I couldn't get both in the pic. 

This is a plant like Chrysanthemums and some Salvias where you cut them down almost to the ground after blooming. When you do that can see new growth coming out from the ground. That tells you that it's ok to whack it.

How is your autumn garden?

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