Friday, February 26, 2016

Another Vine

It must be Vine Month for me here in SoCal because almost all of mine are blooming! This is my fourth vine post this month.  This is a weird little vine that I was told was called Smilax.  Say "SMILE-lax".  It's not actually a Smilax.  It is Asparasus asparagoides.  There are many other plants in the genus Smilax.  That's why I had trouble ID-ing it.  It's common name is Smilax. Whatever!  It's a cute plant that can be a weed where unwanted.  It has a think fleshy root system like an Asparagus Fern and that's why it is hard to eradicate sometimes. This one was coming up between shrubs at a job. I dug up some about 8 years ago and have kept it in a pot.  It grows in cool weather and dies back in the hot weather. That's why you might not know it's there and plant something over it.  

 The flowers are SUPER TINY! One might not even see them. But you'll definitely smell them and go, "what's that fragrance?".  I wish this was smell-a-vision so you could enjoy it too. 

I've heard that florists like to use it in their designs. Sometimes you can cut off a big garland like part of the plant.  But it could be difficult to know what to put in the water.  

Happy Gardening! 

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