Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Did you start your seeds yet?  There are many good things about seeds; they are cheap, you might be able to find seeds when you can't find that plant, they're fun to watch, AND sometimes they come up by themselves(often in the wrong spot)!  I like to start some things in 4" pots before I set them out in the garden.  Why? Because I hand water my entire garden and I don't want seeds to get lost or forgotten.  This way I can watch them come up and then feel safe enough to set them out in the garden when they'e bigger-just like plants in 6-packs you'd buy at the nursery. But I do set out several to many seeds in each pot. You never know what's going to come up or not!  I've got Zinnia "Persian Carpet" and Zinnia "Pop Art", "Double Click" Cosmos, "Burgundy" Amaranth. My Snow On The Mountain Euphorbias haven't sprouted. I'm not sure they will :-( It's my first time with them.  I almost forgot to plant Tithonia and just did them last week. They are in the red cups because I ran out of 4" pots - too efficient on my recycling I guess ;-) 

I love how the different plants' leave look so different even from the beginning. 

LOOK at the pink/red Amaranths coming up. Cute, right?  I see now that there are WAY too many for my garden.  And they're going to get 5-8' tall!  I wish I could find one of those local plant swap events? Maybe I should start one? Or I'll take my extras to the San Fernando Valley Iris Society or SoCal Horticulture meetings.

What did you start?  
Happy Gardening! 

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