Saturday, November 5, 2016

Great Buy!

Named after Henry Mandeville(1773-1861) is the Mandevilla vine. That's why we correctly say mand-uh-vill-uh and NOT sounding like tortilla, mand-uh-vee-uh. When I worked in the nursery there were Mandevillas and related Dipladenias. The Mandevillas had big leaves with strong veins, large growth(about 15') and that big Alice DuPont pink flower. The Dipladenias had small smooth leaves, smaller growth(5-6') and smaller Red Riding Hood flowers. Now they are all Mandevillas. 

My client and friend Rita and I stopped at Armstrong Garden Center on Thursday because they were having a big sale(like we need more plants). I always say you have to buy the unusual when you see it. We had never seen this color before. It was so peachy and pretty. Mandevilla Sun Parasol Apricot. Priced $35 in a 2 gallon can was too spendy for me. BUT, it was marked 50% off. Great, right? But there's more. I checked and each pot had three plants. We spilt the cost and the plants. I took one and she got two.

Now I just have to find a place to plant it. 
 Happy Gardening!

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  1. I love Mandevillas - I have a dark pink one that flowers constantly. It's kept in the conservatory over winter and goes outside in the summer. That peachy one you have is gorgeous.